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You asked . . . and we listened! The latest in our stone-coating technology arsenal, we now offer our long awaited RAC™ stone-coating system. After years of research, we have recently finished development and testing of our new and innovative coatings product.

RAC™ is simply: Relevant Air Cure. This means that there is NO OVEN EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! The end result is the same high quality finished product as with our premier Infrared Stone Shield™ product, but without the required start up cost of special oven equipment.

There are considerable other savings of time and money as well as different production and space requirements with this system. However, it is still the ideal stone-coating system for any small to mid-sized company wanting to start a stone-coating operation.

There is only a limited investment for standard production equipment. Most importantly, when your production demand requires a greater amount than your facility can produce, you can simply expand your RAC™ System into our premium Infrared Stone Shield™ system.

This unique system is very affordable, compact, and easy to operate. To learn more about this amazing RAC™ process and how we can design the right system that meets your demand, goals, and budget, contact us and we will provide you with our easy "FIT ANALYSIS".

Stone coated eyebrow vents
stone coated valley metal stacked
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