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With Speed Ridge™ Max, it is now possible to avoid covering a roof with numerous unsightly vents. This is possible due to our patented multi-vented technology, lifting the ridge slightly while a rigid, porous, steel face allows circulation to and from the interior roof space.

More than 60% of the porous steel venting face is open, allowing for exceptional air flow at 22.6 NFA. As illustrated in the photograph (bottom right), there is an additional ventilated face that doubles as a weep screen, parallel to the roof, for any accumulated moisture from condensation.

The benefits of Speed Ridge™ technology are all incorporated in Speed Ridge™ Max, including pre-assembled 50 inch sections for quick and accurate installation, and versatile ridge and hip capabilities. With Speed Ridge™ Max, roof pitch compatibility is greatly increased, fitting to roof pitches as low as 2/12 and greater than 12/12.

Due to its unique design, the entire ridge is self-flashing with no exposed fasteners and no need for additional waterproofing. To add to the moisture prevention, the screening that allows air flow is triple-folded, stopping any wind driven precipitation from passing through. The triple-folded venting also adds considerable strength and rigidity to the Speed Ridge™ Max system.

Speed Ridge Max stone coated vented roof trim
Speed Ridge Max stone coated vented roof trim
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