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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in becoming a Phoenix Alliance Stone Coating Licensee.

As a Select Manufacturer™ Stone Coating Licensee, you will be joining a select few quality manufacturers of the most durable roof coating in the industry. Since 1991, Phoenix Alliance Group, Inc. has provided roofers and roofing companies with our patented and proprietary stone coating technologies to gain an edge on their competition. This competitive business edge is derived from the time-tested Stone Shield™ technology developed by Phoenix Alliance Group. The most recent development of the Stone Shield™ technology is the RAC™ Self Curing Earth Friendly Stone Coating Technology. This RAC™ coating falls into the Super Green category, as defined by the EPA. Not only does it help protect the environment, but it also maintains ALL of the durability and other characteristics of the original Infrared technology. For more information on our coatings, please see the "Stone Shield™ Coatings" tab at the top of the page.


Where the Select Contractor™ Stone Coating Licensee program allows the roofing contractor to only use the roofing accessories they stone coat on their own jobs, the Select Manufacturer™ license allows the manufacturer to sell to any roofing contractor within their semi-exclusive area. Working with Phoenix Alliance Group, you will help us choose your Select Installers™, who will commit to using your RAC™ stone coated roofing accessories on an agreed upon number of roofs per month. This not only ensures that you will have continual sales, but these Select Installers™ are guaranteed to provide the very best quality roof, further solidifying the reputation of your quality company.

Some Benefits of becoming a Select Manufacturer™

No Licensing Fees


Semi-Exclusive License


Low Cost Setup


Small Quantity Purchasing of Raw Materials


Just In Time Production


Highly Affordable


Durable & Long-Lasting Coating


Maintenance Free


and a 50 Year Warranty

To continue the process of becoming a Select Manufacturer™, please go to the "Contact Us" page of this website or click the button below. Submit your name and contact information with a brief message about your interest in becoming a Select Manufacturer™ Stone Coating Licensee and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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