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Safety Data Sheets:

Technical Specifications:

Rain tested stone coating
Class A - ASTM fire testing stone coating
Torch test intense heat stone coating

Testing Results and Certifications:

Our famous proprietary stone coating technology is the same applied on all products and it meets or exceeds the following criteria:


  - Class A Fire Rated ASTM E-108

  - Salt Spray ASTM B-117

  - Accelerated Weathering ASTM-G26

  - UL 2218 Class 4 Impact - Hail Resistant

  - UBC Standard 15-2

  - UL 580 Wind Uplift

  - ICBO AC07 Wind Driven Rain

  - Algae and Mold Resistant


For full results and certifications, please click to view the PDF documents below:





















A fully transferable 50 year warranty applies to all products to ensure they perform as follows:

     a. Not to crack, chip, chalk or peal under normal and standard conditions of use.
     b. Not to contribute to the spread of flame of fire.
     c. To withstand standard and customary quantities of salt spray as required by testing.
     d. Not to fade or change color in excess of more than 5% of the DE Hunter measured units.


For further warranty information, please click to view the PDF document below:

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